Artists, websites, haberdasheries, and other "cool stuff" that I recommend checking out!
Jason Pedersen Visual Artist and amazing Tattooist:
Michael Fitts, Fine Artist:
Matt Dixon, Artist (amazing stuff here):
Tom Gauld, Cartoonist and author of "MOONCOP" (which I highly recommend checking out):
Mike Kunkel, Comic Artist (I love this guy):
Nate Piekos, Artist and Comic Letterer, check out his online comic Realm of Atland and his font site Blambot!
Johnny Cupcakes! Wow, I have so many JC shirts, it's ridiculous. I think his stuff is generally hit and miss, but his Star Wars stuff is always a hit with me:
PIXAR has a lot of cool stuff on their site, check 'em out and stay up to date!
NASA. Just because.
Kenner Collector! Vintage Kenner toy site, featuring old Star Wars toys from the '70s and early '80s: