Welcome to MONSTEROBOTS and thank you visiting my website! It's been a long journey. The biggest western cultural impact on my life has been Star Wars. I remember seeing it in theaters as a kid, and if it didn't say "Star Wars" on it, I was not interested. As such, I didn't play sports or care much about anything else. I wasn't one of the "cool" kids in high school and it wasn't until college that I befriended many like-minded individuals. So here we are today! I have been doing illustration and design for over 20-years. My interests nest in Star Wars (of course), Star Trek, Doctor Who, LEGO, robots, monsters, vintage sci-fi, pop-culture, tchotchkes, you name it. I am taking advantage of today's technologies and have several storefronts to make my art easily and affordably accessible on clothing and prints. I also do custom work, so please feel free to contact me if you want something special or personalized. Have fun exploring and please follow me on social media!